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Signing on!

Updated: Feb 16

This collection of essays, stories, and lessons is compiled to share my point of view with no clutter or irrelevant noise. I've lived an ever-changing life as a passionate Deaf Queer woman tenaciously writing, directing, and advocating at every opportunity I get. Via video or speech, my stories often feel shorthanded or blemished by my unfamiliar deaf accent. I have always been a tenacious advocate, and my writing here is an extension of these efforts.

Hi, my name is Chrissy. I care about people more than I should and have an ambitious list of goals. I'm also an impulsive, perhaps naive human who learns every day. I've struggled with language access and felt resentment and shame. I've carried guilt for mistakes, invalidated myself, and found unexpected obstacles on every path. Regarding accessibility and education, there are subjects I wish were taught and embraced in general society. I've felt compelled to discuss many of these topics, but I feared sharing such vulnerability. Please read mindfully. I hope my writing inspires you. If I do anything, I want to do good.

"Signing On" topics include:

  • Accessibility

  • Addiction

  • Advocacy

  • Bullying

  • Communication and Language

  • Culture and Community

  • Disability

  • Discrimination

  • Dreams and Goals

  • Education

  • Fears and Resentment

  • Film and Television

  • Global Communities

  • Higher Education

  • Humanity and Hope

  • Kindness and Compassion

  • Leadership

  • Linguistics and Diversity

  • Medicine

  • Mistakes and Accountability

  • Privilege

  • Queerness

  • Relationships

  • Religion

  • Safety and Femininity

  • Shame and Guilt

  • Storytelling

  • Technology

  • Writing

Signing off,



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