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Chrissy Marshall is a writer and director based in Los Angeles whose work is characterized by her unwavering commitment to community, innovation, and adaptation. A distinguished alumna of the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts, Chrissy is renowned for her creative vision and tenacity in championing the authentic and equitable portrayal of diverse experiences.

Her independent projects include a number of ASL-signed music videos and a dance short on the subject of "Inspiration Porn," a phenomenon that has long plagued the disability community. Chrissy's award-winning short films, such as "I.L.Y.," are celebrated for their powerful awareness campaigns that showcase disabled talent both in front of and behind the camera. Her most recent film, "Hardly What You Want to Hear," which she wrote and directed, is a gripping sci-fi/Thriller drama about a newly engaged hard-of-hearing woman whose hearing aid gets HACKED. The film has garnered attention, earning a place in the annual IndieX and Film Independent festival lineup.

Chrissy is an artist with a keen eye for detail and a passion for exploring the darker side of feminine energy, abstract plot structures, and unconventional settings. She desires to share untold and profoundly moving stories with creative conflicts that provoke thought and inspire change.

Beyond her work as a filmmaker, Chrissy is a tireless advocate for Deaf and hard-of-hearing children, dedicated to promoting the importance of implementing accessibility and signed languages. She is originally from Maryland and has three older sisters in STEM, a bunny, and a working service dog. She volunteers actively in her community, participating in item drives, teaching sign language to children, and supporting the LA animal shelter.

As a Disabled Queer woman, Chrissy's experiences and unique perspective on the world have shaped her storytelling ability. Raised in a hearing family that did not use sign language, Chrissy's perceptive gaze has become invaluable in crafting her language and understanding of the world. Fluent in English and American Sign Language, she aims to develop socially conscious material for underrepresented voices while advocating for equity in the entertainment industry. Her work continues to earn recognition for her creative talents, passionate social activism, and dedication to educating people about accessibility and ASL.

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"Anyone can be left out of history. I am compelled to reveal and celebrate marginalized peoples whose stories have not been told. A multi-level cinema that engages them viscerally and intellectually activates my audiences."


~Barbara Hammer

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