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Chrissy Marshall is an L.A.-based writer and director who prioritizes community, innovation, and equity in her work and is tenaciously creative. She is a University of Southern California, School of Cinematic Arts Alumni specializing in the track of directing, cinematography, producing, and film development. Also, she happens to be deaf.

A few of Chrissy's independent projects include several ASL-signed music videos and a dance short about the disability phenomenon known as "Inspiration Porn." She has directed award-winning short films such as "I.L.Y.," which won the best awareness campaign in the Easterseal's Disability film challenge. This award-winning film was made entirely with disabled talent both infront and behind the camera. Chrissy's most recent short film she both wrote and directed is called "Hardly What You Want to Hear." This short drama/sci-fi is about a newly engaged hard-of-hearing woman whose hearing aid gets HACKED. The film is currently debuting (Festival line-up TBS). All of Chrissy's work aims to share untold and profoundly moving narratives with creative conflicts in uncomfortable situations.

Community is essential for individuals breaking cycles of oppression and outlets for opportunities. Outside of filmmaking, Chrissy advocates for Deaf and hard-of-hearing children to have access to signed languages and educates people about the importance of implementing accessibility. Originally from Maryland, she has three older sisters involved in STEM, a pet bunny, and a working dog. She is an active volunteer in her community, involved in item drives, teaching kids sign language, and the LA animal shelter.

Above all, Chrissy is a Disabled Queer woman whose experiences and perspective on the world have shaped her ability to tell stories. Born into a catholic hearing family that did not learn sign language, Chrissy's eyes became keen observational tools to craft her language and understanding of the world. Chrissy, equipped with fluency in English and American Sign Language, creates stories and characters involving disability niche experiences that have yet to reach the screen. As a writer and director, Chrissy aims to develop socially conscious material for/with underrepresented voices while advocating for racial equity in the entertainment industry, LGBTQIA+, the disabled, and women. Chrissy's work continues to gain respect for her unique creative talents, educating people about accessibility and ASL, and her passionate social activism.

Additional affiliations include; USC SCA Alumni. Association, EDFC, Adobe, Aputure, and Film Independent

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"Anyone can be left out of history. I am compelled to reveal and celebrate marginalized peoples whose stories have not been told. A multi-level cinema that engages them viscerally and intellectually activates my audiences."


~Barbara Hammer