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As a disabled person who pursued higher education, I have been privileged to have diligently researched the best practices and applications of accessibility. It is entirely possible to provide accommodations without high costs. The industry has far to go with inclusion, and many resources and tools are available for businesses. Minority actors have long awaited the opportunity to entertain and reach audiences with profoundly emotional stories, and small efforts from allies make a huge impact.

Great entertainment requires authentic stories, and original stories need the creativity and talent of people with various lived experiences. I would be happy to be in contact with you for your disability or accessibility consulting needs.

Entertainment consulting requests include:

  • Disability sensitivity reads during script development

  • Disability-specific one-pagers for cast and crew

  • Casting and talent consultations.

  • Referral or staffing services, including disabled writers, directors, crew, actors, and more

  • Educating on standard disability etiquette

  • Site visits/trips to the field, including set accessibility checks

  • ASL sign accuracy

  • Disability Representation & Inclusion 101; Producing Deaf Content & Working with Deaf Performers; Media Accessibility & Audio Description; and other specialized training, including disability-specific workshops


  • Creating reference videos for animators to accurately depict a disability or a conversation in ASL

  • Media training and talking points

  • Promotional and publicity support

  • Creating personalized resources, study guides, or toolkits for productions

  • Training and workshops, including issue-area presentations for writers’ rooms, crew training, network executives, and other audiences

  • Referral or staffing services, including disabled writers, directors, crew, actors, and more. 

Occasionally, your request may be outside the scope of my work or abilities, in which case I will make introductions to other organizations and individuals that can better serve the request. 

Accessibility Consulting: Bio


The world and Hollywood have a history of erasing narratives and intersectional disabled stories. This is not for lack of people or talent but discrimination, tokenism, and systemic oppression. The entertainment industry systemically disadvantages BIPOC-disabled people through culture, hiring practices, and social hierarchy.

If you are interested in hiring disabled people for your project please check out the amazing talent below.

Accessibility Consulting: Team Members
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Aaron Rose Philip is an Antiguan American model with  Ceberal palsy. In 2018, she became the first black, transgender, and physically disabled model to ever be represented by a major modeling agency and has since modeled in several major high fashion photo shoots and campaigns. She made a name for herself as a Gen Z force in the modeling industry, walking the runways for Moschino and Collina Strada, as well as on the cover of V and Paper magazine. Her portfolio showcases what fearlessness and persistence can look like in fashion.

“The conversations around representation and diversity are practically sisters. There’s been progress for many minority groups in fashion, but other people are left out of the conversation almost entirely. It needs to go so much further.”

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